It’s Baaaaaaaaaaaack

Please go back and read the title of this post in the creepy voice of the little girl from Poltergeist.

Thank you.

So, meandering through Trader Joes today to get my weekly supply of fruit and what to my wondering eyes does appear????


Which I thought was gone forever.

And I was HAPPY.

Like Edith Bunker when Archie came home from work happy.

Really-I truly thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, deceiving me. I could not believe them.

So I quick grabbed 3 bottles and raced to the register.

I asked the girl behind the register if this was back forever and she launched into this big long diatribe about how it was probably gone because they were clearing the vintage year and something about different grape crops and acid wash jeans. Or maybe it was acid rain. And I nodded intelligently with my best sommelier’s poker face all the while thinking:     Idon’tgiveacrapaboutyourfancywinetalkIjustwantohearyousayyouwillneverrunout!

And she seemed to think they will indeed stock it forever.

I totally explained to her not to play with my heart.”Please Trader Joes girl, do not tell me you are going to stock this forever and then in 3 months I find out you are a treacherous traitor and my favorite wine is only available in Minnesota now”!

Because I cannot stand another heavy duty break-up like that.

So all is right with my little world at the moment.

Just wanted to let you guys know.



About Janice

I am 40 years old. Loving life and (finally) being a grown up. I have 3 great kids that sometimes make me want to drink copious amounts of wine. I have been married to my amazing husband since 2001. I have more great girlfriends than you can shake the proverbial stick at. Join me in this adventure that is my life.
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2 Responses to It’s Baaaaaaaaaaaack

  1. Missy says:

    sipping something called “kumbaya” now…not nearly as good… but very happy about your find indeed! i went to trader joes by myself because my kids go crazy with the little kid-sized carts and always almost knock over the wine displays.

  2. sue says:

    You are SO bringing some of this for us to try !! In 2 weeks!!! Yes!!!

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