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The Great Lemon Heist of 2010

I had my lovely friend Jackie over for dinner the other night. Jackie is a missionary in the Dominican Republic so I only get to see her about once a year. We used to work together. I nicknamed her Jackson … Continue reading

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So most of you know I super love Wisconsin, the greatest state in the nation and home to my beloved Green Bay Packers. I was feeling a little guilty for my adopted home town where I have lived for the … Continue reading

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Time to make the donuts

I love the ‘time to make the donuts’ guy. And the Pepto Bismol ‘indigestion’ guy. And Mean Joe Green in the Coca Cola commercial. I think that Dunkin Donuts guy, Pepto guy and Mean Joe would all like my donuts! … Continue reading

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THE Best Thrift Store Trip Ever

Ok. Someone old must have died and his/her heirs donated all the cool stuff to Savers. I will take this opportunity to again remind you guys not to let Mr. Right donate all my treasures inĀ  case of my unfortunate … Continue reading

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Finger Lickin Chicken

I know it does not even look like chicken because it is covered in the most diabolically delectable sauce on the planet. I got the recipe from The Tasty Kitchen website and it is called butter chicken over there, but … Continue reading

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Chocolate Bomb

Ok. I know it is on a Christmas plate, but it is a large cake and the poinsettia plate was the most ginormous plate I had. So be it. I wish one of these cakes would fall out of the … Continue reading

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Hittin The Sauce

You thought this was going to be another post about booze. Sorry to dissappoint. My dad used to make the best spaghetti sauce. Sadly I never got the recipe before he passed away, so I will share this one with … Continue reading

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