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Thrift Store Serendipity & Burt Reynolds

I am dying here! I leave for Wisconsin in less than 24 hours and instead of packing up, I am here sharing my treasures. I am linking up with Southern Hospitality for sure and hopefully will find a wi fi … Continue reading

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Bananarama Muffins (and the Bangles)

I heard a rumor…… That these were the best Banana Muffins EVAH. (Did you get the Bananarama song reference, or are you really dim? Or not a Bananarama fan?) It was another one of those weeks when no one ate … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Nancy Drew

I have been voraciously reading all the Nancy Drew books that I got at the thrift store this past month. I can’t help but be puzzled by some things about this girl detective. For instance, where does all her money … Continue reading

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Vintage Wedding Treasure

So if you got married in 1902 it is not like you could run down to Bed Bath & Beyond with the handy scanner and create a dandy little wish list for your guests to pick from. In 1902, the … Continue reading

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Toffee Snacks & Costco Rant

Oh. Oh. Oh. These are good! All flavors & textures combined. You have sweet & salty and crunchy & creamy. The only thing missing is the fat free part. But who cares, right? It has been a busy week. School’s … Continue reading

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Vintage Bling and More

Another glorious week at the thrift! The funny thing is that I went on Wednesday, which by the way is senior day and in addition to being totally jealous of the discount received, I was unprepared for the sheer number … Continue reading

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Make. These. Now.

Really. Just make them. And eat them while they are still warm. As soon as they are done, pack half of them up and deliver them to a relative, neighbor, friend, enemy that you would like to have tight pants, … Continue reading

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