The Magic Rolling Pin

I don’t know what to call it, but in some kind of Brothers Grimm/Aesop Fable/Rodgers & Hammerstein burst into musical kind of a mircale, I am now a success at making pie crusts.

I think the rolling pin that I picked up at the thrift store a few weeks ago is sporting some kind of magic.

Kind of like Frosty’s hat.

Or Samantha’s nose.

‘Dinka Dinka Dink’

The nose sound.

Oh Bewitched! Come back to prime time and complete my life. Make us all happy again as we live vicariously through the magic that Samantha’s nose provides.

Kill off Darren, the big,dull dud.

Ok. So I totally had a craving for pasties.

That would be pasties with the short a sound. Rhymes with cat, bat, fat fat water rat. We are not talking about the (long a sound) pasties that (questionable) dancers place on their whatsits.

Pasties are deliciously happy little meat pies that are quite popular in the UP (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan. Every summer when we visit Wisconsin, we drive over to Ironwood, Mi. to this little bakery called Rigoni’s and consume dozens of pasties.

Pasties were a staple for the old time Northern Michigan miners. Wives would make these in the morning and wrap them in newspapers to keep them warm until lunchtime.

Start with your potatoes. You need 4 cups diced. You could use 3 cups potatoes and 1 cup carrots if you are a carrot fan.

I am not a carrot fan. Some recipes also use the dreaded ruttabega. Almost as bad as raisins, rhubarb and beets. Hurk.

Half an onion and 2-3 cloves of garlic.

The recipe doesn’t use a lot of meat, so it is also pretty economical. I used chicken sausage, because that is all I could find at Trader Joes, but I next time I will use a spicy pork sausage.

Use a good size bowl, because you will need room to mix all this.

You will be mixing by hand. It is the only way to really get everything to mush together.

Use a good amount of pepper & salt or they could turn out a little bland. I think using the spicy sausage will really make them to die for.

Spend a good 5 minutes hand mashing everything together.

Now for the crust. I was starting to doubt myself here.

I don’t use a lot of Crisco in my recipes, so I just keep the sticks around instead of the big vat of lard.

Again, hand mixing is the best. You really get a feel for the consistency.

Ok. That is total B.S. I just don’t have a kitchenaid. So I made that part up. Sounds good though, right?

I know you all can’t believe I don’t have a kitchenaid. I thought about getting one, but in the end decided that it would really take up a lot of space that could be used for thrift store treasures and I really do like to mix my stuff by hand.


At this point I was getting cautiously optimistic about the outcome of the crust.

Ther must have been some magic in that rolling pin she found, cause when she placed it on the counter, it began to roll around.

Dinka Dinka Dink

Unbelievable. I had to celebrate with a Blue Moon.

Dinka Dinka Dink

THAT is how I would use my magic nose.

If I had one.


Use about 1 cup of the filling.

Fold it.

Press it.

Use a fork to get a good seal. You don’t want any leaking out.

You could use parchment paper if you didn’t run out at Christmastime making peanut butter balls and have no one to blame but yourself when normally everything is Mr. Right’s fault…….

These freeze beautifully if you don’t want to bake them all right away.

‘They are in the ‘freezes beautifully’ section of my cookbook and I really wanted to take something that freezes beautifully”.

This quote is from one of the most favorite girl movies of all time.

Name it.

Another little element of enjoyment is that my kids were totally stoked.


Apple pies.

Dinka Dinka Dink

And peas!


PASTIES (the short a kind)

3 cups diced peeled potatoes
1 cup diced carrots
1 medium onion, chopped
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 pound ground beef
1/4 pound ground pork
1 tablespoon butter, melted
4 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/4 teaspoons salt
1 cup shortening
3/4 cup cold water
In a large bowl, combine the potatoes, carrots, onion, salt and pepper. Add beef and pork; mix well. Add butter and toss; set aside.

For pastry, combine flour and salt in a bowl. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Gradually add water, tossing with a fork until a ball forms.

Divide dough into five portions; roll each into a 10-in. circle. Place 1 cup of filling in the center of each circle. Fold pastry over filling and seal edges tightly with a fork; cut slits in the top of each.

Place on a greased baking sheet. Bake at 375 degrees F for 50-60 minutes or until golden brown.


About Janice

I am 40 years old. Loving life and (finally) being a grown up. I have 3 great kids that sometimes make me want to drink copious amounts of wine. I have been married to my amazing husband since 2001. I have more great girlfriends than you can shake the proverbial stick at. Join me in this adventure that is my life.
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9 Responses to The Magic Rolling Pin

  1. Sister Cindy says:

    I hope you froze em, because I will be there tomorrow and can get them any time. Just looking for the Blue Moon…
    Tink a Tink a Tink…. They are awesome for anyone who hasn’t had them….

  2. sounds like a Steel Magnolias kinda quote…..or fried green tomatos….now I am totally curious!

  3. Cate says:

    LOL! Those look yummy.

  4. Kristin says:

    Yum, yum, yum…and that quote is TOTALLY from Steel Magnolias.

  5. Cousin Mary says:


    Love, love, love, pasties. The last road trip our dad’s took together was to Ironwood to get pasties. 🙂 My dad has been making pasties since I was little, (long time!) Now I make them. I throw in a little carrot for color. Blue Moon is a great addition. You do the orange in your Blue Moon for color right?

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  8. Sara says:

    ummmm, you forgot to put the garlic in the recipe, but I think garlic makes everything taste better so I added some, then re-read your step by step photos and saw you used garlic, too! All minds….

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