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One of my favorite days of the year! It reminds me of being a kid, dressing up and driving around to the neighbors (I lived in the country) where everyone gave out full size candy bars and you could always … Continue reading

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A Chicken Stew in Every Pot

I I always thought that ‘quote’ was attributed to Roosevelt, but doing research I found out that it is actually associated with Herbert Hoover (or Hoyboyt Hoooovah if you know the Archie Bunker theme song). And he never actually promised … Continue reading

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Red Pots Don’t Rust

Thrift Share Monday and I am busting my you-know-what to hurry up and share this with all my friends over at Apron Thrift Girl before it is Tuesday! I haven’t been around the last couple Mondays because I took a … Continue reading

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If Life Hands You Lemons, Make A Pie!

Knee deep in October here, trips back home, Packer games, School Pictures, Parties, Parties, Parties and of course Trick or Treat looming ahead, but there is always time for pie. Well, okay, I actually made this a few weeks ago. … Continue reading

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Field Of Dreams

Makes my heart beat a little bit faster! Took a (very) quick trip to Wisconsin and met two of my sisters for the Packer game this past weekend. Went the whole 9 yards (pun definitely intended there) and took the … Continue reading

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If I Only Had A Brain

Ok. I love holidays. All of them. Every single one. From Valentines to Christmas, I am a holiday junkie. But I especially love Halloween. I think it has to do with the candy. And the fall colors and the glorious … Continue reading

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Ok! How funny is it that I got not 1, but two hits from people searching the phrase ‘gross dirty pictures’ on google yesterday??? DYING. Long live Burt Reynolds! He continues to generate more than 100 hits a day. Crazy … Continue reading

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