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New Years Resolutions…….And Cheesecake

I never make resolutions, because, well, you know what they say about the path to hell and how it is paved, but this year is different. I am taking a break from the annual ‘bug up my butt de-cluttering of … Continue reading

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Stop the Crazy Train!

This is the ‘after’ shot Saturday morning. This is the ‘before’. Crazy how Christmas takes over your house, your diet, your pocketbook…….. I am ready to get off the crazy Christmas train and get back to normal. Time to welcome … Continue reading

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More Christmas Love

Yay for Thrift Share Monday!! Even if I have been too crazy busy to link up with Apron Thrift Girl until Tuesday….. These treasures are from a thrift store run I made last Wednesday. It was a glorious trip! Oooooooh … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Balls

Just so you know, these kick Reeses Peanut Butter Cup’s ass. Some people call these Buckeye Balls. But I think to be true Buckeye Balls, you are supposed to leave a dot of the peanut butter uncovered, so they look … Continue reading

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Hot Buttered Rum

This stuff is delicious. Really, really, really good. And fattening. You will need to buy new pants if you over indulge. You might want to keep that in mind when you are going for your third cup. The first thing … Continue reading

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Christmas Thrift Sharing

Happy Monday! I was going to combine my thrift share Monday post with my Hot buttered rum recipe. But I would have had to call it it Hot Buttered Monday and that sounds kind of dirty. So you will have … Continue reading

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Christmas Fun

Whole lotta Christmas going on over here. In the midst of trying to meet my personal deadline of mailing family packages by the 10th and Christmas cards by the 15th, I decided to go ahead and begin our annual ornament … Continue reading

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