More Christmas Love

Yay for Thrift Share Monday!!

Even if I have been too crazy busy to link up with Apron Thrift Girl until Tuesday…..

These treasures are from a thrift store run I made last Wednesday. It was a glorious trip!

Oooooooh Ooooooh Ooooooooh! I love vintage beaded ornaments! These were all thrown together in a bag for $4. I happened to be right there when she put it on the shelf. I wonder who would get rid of these? They are now all happily hanging on my tree.

This ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ one is my favorite.

A lot of the beads and sequins had fallen off in the bag and I had to make some repairs, but these were overall in excellent shape.

This was also in the bag, Hallmark’s 1976 Centennial commemorative ornament. I figured 76 was a good year.

Of course Mr. Right’s eyeballs rolled right out of his head and across the floor when I came in with my Christmas treasures. Time for him to move back to Grinchland, I think.

But look at these!!!!

Aren’t they the sweetiest?

If you can get past the green eye shadow. What an imagination this production artist must have had. ‘Hey, yeah. I think angels probably wear green eyeshadow. You know like the maybelline blooming colors line.’

They both have Japan stickers on the bottom, and I think the little girl played music at some point in time, but no more. They were marked $4.99 each which is admittedly a little steep for me, but I still wrestle with angst over the lemon tablecloth I didn’t get and so……..

Anyways, when I brought them up to the nice little cashier, she informed me that they were a set and so she only charged me for one.

Except she said  I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, so go ahead and disregard that.

I found GREAT stuff to sell on ebay that trip also. TWO St. John knit suits and a Dale of Norway sweater. Dale sweater was $5 and will easily sell for $80-$90 and the St. John suits were $15 but will probably go for $150-$200.

That is, of course if I ever get any time to list, because MAN, I have been busy.

Friday night was the kids Christmas pageant at church in which Gabs had the role of Mary and Max was in the choir. I also  had a role as a crazy lady, a stretch, I know.

Sister K. was here for that and stayed the whole weekend. Saturday I made her walk 5 miles with me because I knew my diet was going to be blown out the window. Then we made about 5142 peanut butter balls. After the PB balls we sneaked away for a drink and then hit Reese Witherspoon’s new movie, which could quite possibly be a contender for one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

Saturday night we opened presents and looked at lights and played 3-4 rousing games of Apples to Apples junior and Headbanz.

On Sunday she stayed with the kids and Mr. Right and I headed for Mt. Charleston for the night. We had the cutest cabin ever.

It was pouring rain when we got there and my feet got wet which made me a crab, because of course I brought the cute fur boots and not the sturdy weather proof ones. We were supposed to go for a sleigh ride but there was no snow when we got there. Plus who wants to sleigh ride in the pouring rain?


The temperature dropped like 40 degrees and we woke up to this.

And me, still with no boots……

It really jump started my Christmas Spirit though. That is until we returned to the valley of rain and gray skies and the task of making another 4000 peanut butter balls.

So 4 days till Christmas and still lots to do. I have to go now and pack up at least a million peanut butter balls for my work peeps and chase the dog out from under the tree for the 765,432th time.

Pretty certain that dog will die of dehydration once we take the tree down since it seems to be his only source of water.

Also have to go to the grocery store to buy hash browns for the funeral potatoes I am making for my work potluck. I sent Mr. Right to the store for them last night, but was clearly not specific enough when I wrote down ‘the little square ones’ because he came back with the kind you put in the toaster and I just can’t sub those in the casserole recipe no matter how hard I try.

Hoping to get back on once more before the big day because I have a to die for cheesecake recipe for you!

Peace out!


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I am 40 years old. Loving life and (finally) being a grown up. I have 3 great kids that sometimes make me want to drink copious amounts of wine. I have been married to my amazing husband since 2001. I have more great girlfriends than you can shake the proverbial stick at. Join me in this adventure that is my life.
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4 Responses to More Christmas Love

  1. Sandy Tetzlaff says:

    I love your thrift store finds. The vintage ornaments are to die for. My mom and I saw a whole bunch at an antique store and I regret not buying them ever since. Just haven’t had the time to go back. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has to be extremely specific when I send my husband out to buy something. Last year we ended up with bell stamps instead of Christmas stamps because I wasn’t specific enough. Seriously, who mails a Christmas card with an old cracked bell stamp on it? Geez

  2. dogsmom says:

    Your kissing angels may be from the 70s. I do not remember the ones I knew in the 60s having green eyes shadow, but I was a kid, not likely to notice. She played music and went in a circle, catching a kiss once each rotation. It bugs me when stores mark pieces of an obvious set individually.
    I remember making hickory dickory mice ornaments too! Either it was a ladies magazine pattern or probably a kit. And beading sequins on styrofoam balls. My mom did not have the patience so Aunt Emilie did this with the girls.

  3. Van says:

    Breath-taking Christmas views, and adorable cabin! I’m so envious. I need to take a drive up North to visit snow this year!

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