Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed……..

Something not even remotely close to blue.

And also unidentifiable. I left it out of the picture because I am saving it for last. It is such a great surprise you see. Go ahead and ruin it if you must by scrolling down to see…….

I would.

Linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday!

Let’s start with the something old.

Usually they price the cast iron like gold at my thrift, but this one was a reasonable $6.99 plus I had a 30% off coupon. Can’t wait to make pancakes on it!

Score! Vintage Wagner Ware, made in the USA.


Something new…..

Feeling all Danish-like with my ebelskiver pan from Williams Sonoma.  Debated selling it on ebay, but I really want to make these. $4 at the thrift, listed for $40 on the WS website.

Look for an ebelskiver recipe soon!

Something borrowed….

Ok. More like pilfered from my mom’s china cabinet. They are not marked, any guesses? Still thrift share worthy because she picked them up at the thrift store she works at for $1. Can you believe she has my dream job?

Not pilfered, or borrowed, this lovely was a gift from my aunt. I think it is Westmoreland or Fenton. Anyone? She picked it up at an antique shop in Northern Michigan.

I always come home with goodies from my Wisconsin trip. I ended up mailing a huge box back to myself this year, just like every other year.


Are you ready for what is quite possibly the most interesting piece of vintage kitsch that you may ever see?

Like ever again in your whole life?

Brace yourselves.

It’s not vintage lovely like most of my goodies. It strangely spoke to me though and I could not leave it in the thrift forever (and believe me, it would have been there forevah).



I feel like I should apologize to you.

Sorry if you have nightmares.

Can you tell I am trying todraw out the suspense between pictures so you don’t accidentally see it before I have built it up enough in your mind.

Trust me you could not even conceive of this.


Had to get my Clark Griswold on.

Except maybe they are chipmunks? Look at the teeth. Frightening.

Cats? Checkout the pointy catlike ears.


Vintage Japan (of course).  Does anyone recognize the mark with the two arrows?

Did the vintage Japan makers think this is what squirrels look like in the USA, or are there squirrels like this in Japan that they based their design on?

They are kind of festive looking don’t you think? Christmas Kitsch, I suppose. I don’t think Mr. Right or the kids would be thrilled if they found these hanging around the house at Christmastime.

Hope they lived up to your expectations……

Thinking I will throw them in my ebay store for kicks and see what kind of diabolical person snatches them up.

Found some other things not pictured, a Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater and other ebay inventory, new pink cowboy boots for Sassy for the fall, plus an assortment of gap shirts and some funky black boots for her. Got some abercrombie jeans for Gabs and a bunch of shirts for Spike.

Hit a couple garage sales Saturday too. Love garage sales because the prices are CHEAP, but hate them because they are a lot of driving around and time consuming. I can cover 3 HUGE thrift stores in the same time it takes me to scour around neighborhoods looking for treasure.

I did find some cute earrings for a quarter and a set of Moncure Magic Castle books for $3. I can flip the books for $45, but the earrings are mine.

Need to get back into ebay mode, but that probably won’t happen for a couple weeks. This week is VBS at church and then heading to Idaho for a week on Sunday so  I probably can’t reopen my store till mid month.

Sadly, you will have to wait for the opportunity to purchase the squirrel-cat-chipmunk-beavers.

Have a great week!


About Janice

I am 40 years old. Loving life and (finally) being a grown up. I have 3 great kids that sometimes make me want to drink copious amounts of wine. I have been married to my amazing husband since 2001. I have more great girlfriends than you can shake the proverbial stick at. Join me in this adventure that is my life.
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One Response to Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed……..

  1. Mary Marvin says:

    I wonder why little squirrel is chained up?? Bad squirrel? I hate squirrels. My dog hates squirrels. I hate that I have a hard time spelling squirrel.


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