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Pyrex & Starbucks

YAY!! It’s thrift share Monday and I am linking up with Apron Thrift Girl for the thrifty par-tay. Finally! A Butterprint bowl. I have been waiting anxiously for one of these to appear on the thrift store shelf and this … Continue reading

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These Will Melt in Your Mouth…..

And stick to your butt. Oh my! These are so delightful. It is 6am, still dark outside and I am giving it my all not to hop off the couch and eat one right now. What harm could one more … Continue reading

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Prepare for total random stream of consciousness post please. So I totally tried Caramel flavored Bugles last night and LORDY they are good. I carefully measured out my weight watchers portion ( a lousy 2/3 cup for 4 points = … Continue reading

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3 Down 1 to Go!

Oh! How I have missed Thrift Share Mondays! I had taken a long break from thrifting (okay- only a month, but seemed like forevah!) because I had sooo much ebay stuff to list and so many other things going on, … Continue reading

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Birthdays, Football & S’mores

Three of my favorite things. Have been busy lately. (Insert large sigh here) Spent last week celebrating my birthday. It fell on Labor Day this year and it is always fun to have your birthday fall on a national holiday. … Continue reading

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10 years. Wow. I have been watching all the documentaries and it seems like a dream I wasn’t even a part of and yet I remember the strangest smallest details of that day as I am sure you do too. … Continue reading

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As Promised…..EBELSKIVER

Hmmmm What in the world is ebelskiver, you might ask? Well, let me just tell you they are delightful little Danish filled pancake type treats. Or maybe Dutch. Wait–are those the same thing? Have no idea myself, as I am … Continue reading

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