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Red Velvet Brownies & Thanksgiving Traditions

Before I get into another waistline busting recipe, let’s just talk about Thanksgiving traditions for a minute. Everyone has their holiday traditions. Every year we get up and watch the parade (upstairs) and football (downstairs) while I finish making the … Continue reading

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North & South (Mostly South)

Do you remember that mini series? If you are over 35, you probably do. It probably sticks in your memory like the Waltons Christmas Special, Thornbirds and the original Footloose movie. Kevin Bacon stories anyone? So. (By the way, I … Continue reading

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The Lighter Side of Apple Pie

  From this….. To this! I found this on pinterest and thought it was the cutest idea EVAH. Then I thought, who in the world has that much time on their hands? Apparently I do, because I made these last … Continue reading

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Corn & Potatoes & Cheese! OH MY!

Remember when Dan Quayle spelled potato wrong? hahahahahaha Clearly he was no spelling bee champion like yours truly, even if I did get knocked out of regionals by the tricky tricky word pendulum. Which, by the way I used spell … Continue reading

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